Laminate Wood Flooring

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that can completely change the feel of a room, look no further than laminate wood flooring for the properties that you manage. You can give the property the beautiful look of hardwood floors without all the extra cost and maintenance that is needed. Proper laminate wood installation can also help with noise reduction which is perfect for any apartment buildings that you manage. Because of the sheer popularity of the material, we always keep a variety of laminate wood flooring styles in stock to create a quicker turnaround time when you need an installation.

Our Process

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Laminate Wood Installation

Similar to carpet flooring, we strive to make the ordering and installation process simple for you. Our qualified technicians will remove the flooring from the property you manage and assess the condition of the sub floor. We will correct any imperfections necessary in order to create a smooth surface for the laminate wood.

Monavé Laminate Flooring - Vacant Property Installation

Vacant Property

All we need is access to the property that you manage and we’ll take care of the rest. We will remove any old flooring, make necessary fixes, and install the new laminate.

Monavé Laminate Flooring - Occupied Property Installation

Occupied Property

To ensure the best experience for your tenant, we ensure proper communication with them regarding when we will be there and when the job will be done. We do require that any required areas have been cleared of furniture and belongings before we arrive.

After Laminate Wood Installation

Laminate wood is a great way to create a premium look and feel to your properties. To ensure that you protect your investment in your property, here are some important notes to relay to your tenants.


  • Use entry mats to collect dirt, sand and grit.
  • Keep your pets nails trimmed.
  • Sweep or vacuum your floors often.
  • Clean your floors regularly with approved products and techniques.
  • Sweep frequently to remove dirt and grit
  • Clean the floor with the manufacturer’s recommended products
  • Spot clean your laminate wood floor to avoid stains and damage
  • Keep your laminate wood floors dry and free from standing puddles


  • Don’t slide or move heavy objects across the floor.
  • Don’t set heavy couches and chairs directly on the floor;
  • use furniture pads.
  • Don’t allow food and drink spills to stay on your floor; clean
  • them up quickly.
  • Avoid walking on your floor with stiletto heels
  • Wax or polish your laminate wood floors
  • Use abrasive cleaners
  • Try to sand or refinish your laminate wood floors
  • Use soap-based products

In-Stock Laminate Wood Inventory

As a result of its beauty and durability, laminate wood flooring is one of the most popular choices among property managers. Because of this, we keep a variety of styles in stock so you can have your properties taken care of quicker.

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