Tile Flooring

A great option for the residential and commercial properties that you manage is tile flooring. It instantly gives any homes or buildings you manage a beautiful and classic look. Though it’s not ideal for apartments due to the noise it can cause, some apartment managers still desire the luxurious look it provides. It’s popular among most property managers due to its durability and beauty that it offers. It’s array of sizes, colors, and shapes makes it a very versatile material to use for any of your properties that will keep it looking modern for years to come.

Our Process

Monavé Tile Flooring Products

Tile Flooring Installation

Ceramic tile flooring is a smart choice for any home and you can count on having a durable and beautiful floor for years to come. It’s a less popular choice for buildings due to the noise it can cause, but ceramic tile flooring has been a popular design choice for thousands of years, and new technology has allowed it to be one of the most versatile flooring choices.

Monavé Tile Flooring - Vacant Property Installation

Vacant Property

We keep our process simple in order to get the job done in an efficient manner for you. Our qualified technicians will remove the old flooring and assess the sub floor for imperfections and unevenness before placing your new and beautiful tile flooring.

Monavé Tile Flooring - Occupied Property Installation

Occupied Property

To make the process as simple for you as possible, we simply require access to the property that you manage after you’ve placed your order and scheduled with us. We’ll strip out the old floor and remove out and lay down the new tiling!

After Tile Flooring Installation

Our tile floors are built to last, but daily wear and tear can still have an impact.
The following do’s and don’ts for tile floors will help you care for your floor and extend it’s life.


  • Use entry mats to collect dirt, sand and grit.
  • Keep your pets nails trimmed.


  • Don’t drop heavy objects on your tile floor. Tile is subject to cracking with a hard impact.
  • Don’t slide or move heavy objects across the floor.
  • Don’t allow food and drink spills to stay on your floor; clean them up quickly.